CritchCorp SMART Light Bulbs now available

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We have finally released our CritchCorp SMART light bulbs. They have been a while in the making but they are here now and well worth the wait. Well we would say that, but it is true. Try one today and find out for yourself.

We don't normally write about these on this site but it is so exciting that we couldn't resist.

CritchCorp SMART light bulb 1                                       

They have many features, some not available in other Smart Light Bulbs. Here is a brief list of feature:

  • 8 programmable Scenes
  • Music Scene (changes to the beat of the music)
  • White light form Warm to Cool
  • Red, Green and Blue (and everything in-between)
  • Gradient Control (use a dial to get the exact colour you want)
  • Hue Control
  • Brightness Control
  • Programmable scheduling (Plan/Schedule/Biorhythm)
  • 16 Million Colours
  • Timer (on/off)
  • NEW: Power on behaviour (Initial Mode or Last State or Set your own)
  • NEW: Do Not Disturb
  • Share with other people
  • Remote control away from home
  • Add to groups (Control more than one device at a time)
  • Get notified if it goes off-line
  • Links to Smart Speaker (Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant)
  • Can be accessed by Siri
  • UK English instructions

Much more can be done with these new Smart Bulbs. Try it today!