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Resellers are Welcome here.

We have three ways for you to resell our services and start your own hosting business. Actually, there are 4 if you count the Referral program as well. Whether you are  just starting out or have your own agency, we can help you.

Referral Program

Our referral program is one of the best in the industry, well we think so anyway, and we have seen some of the others. With a mix of one-time payouts and ongoing monthly or annual renewal incomes, you can make great money helping us to show customers the best way to host their site.

Full terms and conditions can be found directly in your control panel. Sign up today, add the link to your website, and start earning right away. See how much you can earn from each product that is different to the standard commission.

Who is it for?

This is great for everyone and recommend that everyone opens a referral account.

Especially great for those who are active in social media, forums or blog sites, where they allow you to have a link in your signature. Great also to put in your email signature.

Reseller Program (Option 1)

In your control panel, you will see the Reseller Program link in the menu. Sign up to this, and you will instantly receive a discount on orders above the minimum. Every order you place will have a discount, and you can then sell it to your customers. The rate of discount goes up the more you buy. For example, at the time of writing this, you need to purchase only one item at full price, typically your own website hosting account. Then, when you buy one for your friend/customer you will receive a 5% discount on it and the same for the next one you buy, up to 10 of them. After that the discount increases to 10% and then 15% and then 20%. The discount applies to all orders, not just hosting, but any services we supply.

You can see more details and the terms and conditions in your control panel now.

Who is it for?

This is great for those who have a few sites or are just starting out. Also for anyone who is not very technical and wants us to support all the accounts as we provide you with support for all the accounts as if they were yours.

Low enter cost as there is nothing up front to pay apart from some credit on your account, which you can use to pay for services; you don't pay any additional fees.

This is great for agencies who don't have time or expertise on site to handle the technical side. There is no limit on how many accounts you can have.

Also, anyone else who has customers who don't need to see the billing panel. You can of course give them the cPanel details, but it will be branded in our brand.

Reseller Hosting - WHM account (Option 2)

This is the start of your own hosting server, Your own WHM account on our hosting platform. This is the best of both worlds, because you get to have access to some of the behind the scenes settings, like setting up your own hosting plans but don't have all the hassle of looking after your own server. You can set up the limits and resources that each of your plans can use. We can supply you with a billing and automation system (additional fees apply) or if you already have one, then you can just plug your new hosting in to that and start selling. We take care of the server health, you take care of your clients. As you grow and need more, you can upgrade.

Who is it for?

This is great for anyone who is serious about hosting. You control the resources allocated to you, so you can set your own prices and maximise your profits. Great for agencies and growing hosting businesses. We handle the technical side, and you create plans, sell and make money.

Also, if you want to customise your brand, this is the starting level for that. It allows you to have some control over the branding. Put your logo in the cPanel accounts and use DNS servers with your server names. The main server is a generic server name, not our branded name.

Reseller Dedicated vServer (Option 3)

This is the ultimate reseller hosting option. You have a complete server dedicated to you and your clients. If needed, full root access, or you can have a managed server, which still all yours, but we manage the technical side for you. You can have as many vServers as you want and start to build up a cluster and build resilience in to your network. Improve your DNS by having failover servers for DNS and much more.

If you want to look after your own server and not worry about the hardware side, then start with this today. You can also move your existing WHM/cPanel hosting over to us and enjoy the benefits of what we have to offer.

Who is this for?

This is for those who are very serious about hosting and have at least some technical knowledge to go with it, or just have a lot of customer accounts and need help to manage their systems.

Completely your brand, everything from top to bottom. No one can tell we are here, just quietly sitting in the background doing our thing.

Support contracts are available at different levels to suit your needs.

Any questions, please submit a support ticket from your account.