FREE SSL Certificate with every Feature Rich Hosting account

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With every Feature Rich Hosting account you get a free SSL certificate, in fact, with every domain name with cPanel hosting, you get a free SSL certificate, including subdomains.

Automatic Installation

Our FREE SSL certificates are automatically installed without any technical know how required, this happens within minutes of adding the domain to the cPanel. This is usually done automatically without any input from you, but if it is not then all you need to do is tick the box, and it will be done for you. These certificates are based on the ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment) protocol for SSL certificates. These are great for most websites, but not recommended for sites that require more security. If you have a shop of any sort or store people's data on the site, then you should consider an upgraded certificate, even if it is only to cover the parts of the site that need it, i.e. just the WWW and root records. Other records can use the ACME certificates.

Google intends to downgrade any site rankings for sites that use ACME certificates for shops and other secure site data. This is because the accountability of an ACME certificate is not checked as part of the certificate singing process.


If you are familiar with SSL certificates then you will know that it is possible to upgrade the FREE ACME SSL certificate to get more security and more trust, you will likely also know why this is important and whether it applies to your site. We sell certificates of all types and from multiple vendors, so please select your certificate from the certificate page or get in contact if you need something that is not listed.

If you are not sure about what is needed for a certificate, then get in touch. If you preferred a managed certificate, then we can help with that also and take all the pain out of the certificate process.

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