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How can I setup my FREE Hosting

To setup your initial FREE Hosting account you should "Purchase" it through the store as with any other product/services.

If you wish to use the FREE sub domain then select the Sub Domain option and you will see the minisite.pw part is already there. Select a suitable sub domain. If you select something that is not suitable you will see a message telling you so and you can choose something else.

If you wish to purchase a new domain name then select Custom Domain and follow the prompts to buy a domain name. 

Once you have chosen your domain name you will progress to the next screen where the current special offers are available to help you with your FREE Website.



Once you click continue you can enter any promo codes and review the price, then you can enter your details or login and finally click purchase.

Once it is complete you will normally be able to login and start making your site.

You can then login at https://Minisite.PW using your username (email address) and password as sent in the welcome email.

Follow the wizard through and select your template and continue to edit as needed.

Don't forget to push the publish button to make it available on line.

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